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We are Ebonmere

Ebonmere is a Indianapolis,IN based symphonic metalband.
Started in Fall of 2012, the band went through a few members and line-up changes, but started writing music. The band then re-located to Indianapolis and formed with new members Cam and Chris who made the sound grow into what it is now. Ebonmere is back, and it's hitting the ground running.

Meet the Monsters

Peter DePaolo -- Keyboardist

From Greenwood, IN
Previous bands : Psychic Faith, Neural Tear

Cam Lahnen -- Guitar /Backing Vocals

He's really mysterious. But we know he likes gummy bears.

Chris "Doom-Fingers" Latta -- Basist/ Backing Vocals

From Speedway, IN
Previous bands: Psychic Faith, Parilla, Spirit Division

Kassandra Hicks -- Vocals

from Muncie, IN
Previous bands: Singing in the shower

Eric "Brady" Kaufman -- Drums

From Ladoga, IN

Likes to kill furry animals and then eat them.